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Ringtone INSTEAD Ringback Update

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Hi there!

It's been a while after last post, but updates were coming out.

Well, here are changes on last Update:

  1. Added Modes
    Modes are bringing Ringtone INSTEAD Ringback to a new level. As all people different - it will be natural to hear different music for each. Now you can setup your music for each contact or group. Basic “One For All” mode is still there. And although there is mode for random audio file from folder.
    The modes are:

    1. One For All
    2. One For Group
    3. One For Contact
    4. Random file from Folder
  2. New supported audio files
  3. Bugfixing and a lot of Improvements

Have fun!

Ringtone INSTEAD Ringback - Full Version

Ringtone INSTEAD Ringback - Free