Official Call Beep Changer (beta) release

Hi everyone!

Today is a release of a new Android app: Call Beep Changer beta

(now known as Ringtone INSTEAD Ringback)

Change beeps, when you making phone call, to sound YOU choose!


  • Replaces call beeps with your audio track (GSM only)
  • Adjust audio volume
  • Bluetooth Headset (old and A2DP standards supported!)

Beta limitations:

  1. 1. Phone beeps are not purely silenced.
  2. (At the moment, there is no better way to handle with cases like: subscriber is busy, not available, etc.)
  3. 2. Few other minor Android OS issues, which, you may not even notice.

(!!!) These limitations are because of Android OS Architecture. Them are extremely hard to bypass even with ROOT access. You'll be notified, if non-beta version will be ever created.

Now there is a Free version!

Free version limitations:

  • Only 1 audio track, shortened
  • You can't select your audio file


Ringtone INSTEAD Ringback - Full Version

Ringtone INSTEAD Ringback - Free

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