Progress on 28.10.2012

New progress updates:


Translation have been made for all text fields to 10 languages: English, Arabian, Chinese (simplified, much hope it will be enough), German, Spanish, French, Japan, Korean, Portugal and Russian.

For most of them we used machine translation, hoping it will be understandable.

Tested on UI compatibility to fit in all text areas. Hieroglyphs are great - they can fit anywhere!


There will be 2 standard audio tracks. For testing it was fine to use any song, but now it's time to do it right.

Finally we've chosen Bach.. Johann Sebastian Bach. He is just amazing and extremely prolific.
His works #578 and #856 will be used in our app. Hope you'll like them, but if not - you can select audio track from SD Card.


Well, we are not super great at photoshop and definitely not at drawing by hand, but… well that's what we were doing for all day


Poster will be shown on release day.


Now we have credits


Well, that's it for now!

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